08 July 2009

Lots of Chrome, and Tail Fins

Phones will kill the Internet, but not databases

That was the way it was shown in the Musings in Process list, but times have changed. A couple of weeks on the calendar, but eons in system time. We now have ChromeOS, so my musing was almost right; might still be eventually, but for the near- to mid-term, it looks now as though the netbook may well rule the roost.

The netbook means it's back to the future (well, the 1970's anyway). The netbook means that host/terminal computing has won. Took a while, but won it has. Now, the world will look like the XTerm world of the 80's. M$'s worst nightmare. Odd thing is, as I type this, ARM's share price is going down and so is Texas Instruments. Both are mentioned in articles about ChromeOS and how it will run. That I can't explain.

In any case, high normal form databases serving, effectively, XTerms is as close to Nirvana as one could hope for.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

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