16 July 2009

File Systems for SSD are here

I have no idea how many folks really notice the quotes at the top of this endeavor, nevertheless, I have found a recent article which talks about Linux file systems. The interviewee (if that's a real word) has worked on writing file systems for Linux, and has the following (page 2) to say about SSD and file systems:

With regard to local file systems, I think btrfs is flexible enough to handle any projected hardware changes for the next decade, both in performance and capacity - in other words, SSDs and truly enormous quantities of storage. I also think we may see more flash-based devices exporting access to the hardware directly as the SSD market commoditizes, in which case LogFS and NILFS become even more interesting, perhaps as part of an open source wear-leveling layer that can integrate tightly with other Linux file systems.

So, the future is here. For information about btrfs, see Wikipedia for a start (SSD is explicitly supported).

tick, tock. what's up Doc?

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