04 July 2009

Erik Naggum's thoughts on XML

Erik Naggum died recently. He was a SGML expert, and an opponent of XML used stupidly. This is from a 2002 usenet thread. Couldn't say it better myself. The point, of course, is that XML data requires specific code to extract the raw data, which is then processed by the remaining application code. As others have pointed out, one could use comma separated value files, skip the processing code, and go straight to the application code. Or use a database with SQL.

People who think object-orientation is so great, have generally failed to
grasp the value of data-driven designs despite the serious attempt at
making such design easier to model, and think solely in terms of code-
driven designs where their class hierarchies are poor adaptations to
their incompetent coding styles. This is extremely depressing, as the
interminable "software crisis" is a result of code-driven design. SGML
and XML were attempts at promoting data-driven design that would produce
data that was _supposedly_ indepedent of any application. The result is
that people who have so little clue they should have attracted one simply
by the sucking power of vacuum do code-driven designs in XML, which is
_really_ retarded, and then they need to store their moronically designed
data in databases, which is, of course, too hard given their braindamaged
designs, so the relational model does not "work" for them.

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