22 May 2009

MySql (in part) gets the religion

I am no fan of MySql, if only because it has been driven by application coders who view databases not as relational algebra engines but as file dumps with a SQL interface; however, when I run across news that supports the thrust of this endeavor, I accept. The following is a quote from Andy Oram on the O'Reilly site:

Although there's no simple to characterize the many tweaks and additions, I detect two major sources of change:

* Taking advantage of the larger memory (including Solid State Drive (SSD)/Flash memory starting to appear on servers).
* Taking advantage of multicores, especially by making locks more granular.

He's talking about the fork, or not, of MySql post Oracle gobble. The irony, I suspect, is that the SSD/multi-core machine is fully suited to 5NF datastores, while not so much to the flat-file paradigm beloved of MySql application KiddieKoders. May be they'll figure out that normalized datastores will get better advantage from such machines. There is hope.

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Anonymous said...

"MySQL application KiddyCoders" Man, you are quite the blowhard.