17 May 2017

What The Doctor Told Me

Dr. McElhone used to say, "the answer is obvious to even the most casual observer." That was how he reacted to knuckleheads. But, then, he was Ph.D. in math stat, which isn't an easy thing to do anywhere. And it's really not easy at Iowa State.

So, today, yet again, we get more leaks; that Flynn told the WH that he was under investigation by the FBI on 4 January, weeks before he got his NSA appointment. The talking heads were beside themselves, at least the left heads, with the question: what's the attraction twixt Neville Chamberlain Trump and Flynn???? And the answer has been staring at the rest of us since Flynn became publicly attached to the campaign. Neville Chamberlain Trump is batshit nuts. Flynn is even more batshit nuts. So, Flynn whispered sweet crazies in Neville's ear, and Neville got a massive hard on. Neville just misses those hard ons. It's just that simple. Loonie birds flock together.

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