14 May 2017

I'm So Wasted

The battle betwixt the AdBlock folks and the ad pushers continues apace. The argument by the blockers is quite simple: I've never, nor ever will, clicked on one of your silly ads, so you lose nothing from my rebellion. Plus, I save bandwidth and avoid malware of various kinds. You ad pushers are just scamming your clients by claiming that "impressions" (a term, of course, from newspapers and magazines and such olde style) are a meaningful measure. You claim to be smarter than the olde dayes, but you're not. Just as WYSIWYG/Windows/GUI pages are implemented using pixel versions of radios and Chinese restaurants.

So, today brings us a post via r-bloggers which makes, in a slightly different venue, the same argument:
The telephone had rung when Jean was watching her favorite TV Show. It was a call center selling newspaper, so she got really upset. This situation is not unpleasant just for Jean. The call center is losing too! By calling a person the will never buy whatever is been sold, the call center is wasting money.
[my emphasis]

I don't, BTW, have any opinion of whether the quant suggested actually works.

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