22 December 2016

The Ivory Watch Tower

The second version of Apple Watch is out and about, and the much ballyhooed blood pressure measure still hasn't appeared. And there's a reason, which I've experienced for some years. First, the sensors in the Watch are on top of the wrist, while the best access to the body's plumbing is on the inside. Second, I've been to the dentist, optometrist, and real doctor over the last month. The dentist and eye guy both take a perfunctory blood pressure reading; meaning both strap on a bracelet device, which inflates and eventually displays a reading. Two different, but operating the same way, devices. And both said my BP was 150-ish over 90-ish. Baloney.

So, I was at the real doctor this week, and the nurse pulled down the sphig and her stethoscope and took my BP. 121 over 83. Same as always, +- a couple of points. Top of wrist sensors aren't worth a plugged nickel. Only Apple fanbois have been deluded into thinking otherwise. And, I suppose, they voted for The Donald. Same naive` behaviour and, eventually, same naive` regret.

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