01 September 2016

The Did It Again

After all these years of ORMs being discredited, one would think that folks intent on fashioning themselves as "data folks" would bite the bullet and learn about the RM and SQL. They are, in sum, only a bit of set theory. What quant would shy away from some basic maths? Maths is what quants do, right?

I guess not. An ORM for R has been announced. The end of the world is nigh.

What's even more perplexing: R can now be run, more or less, in-engine with all of the serious RDBMS. Why go backasswards?


Roboprog said...

"Enterprise" types are terrified of runtime type information. Thus, the ORM religion -- even if it can still blow up at runtime if somebody puts a typo in the *mapping* name strings or host variable types :-)

Robert Young said...

or leave the 'y' out of 'they' :)