26 August 2016

Robber Barons

I'm not a twit, but some who are post read access to their feeds. Adam Feuerstein, enfant terrible of Big Pharma and Fake Pharma (those many nano- and micro-cap companies that only take money and deliver nothing), does so.

He's been talking about Mylan/EpiPen and some related topics in the last couple of days. It's a hoot.

Have a gander.

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Roboprog said...

It's pretty amazing to me that we don't do basic R&D for drugs in the university system in this country, and use private companies to do "generic style" manufacturing and distribution.

Well, it would be amazing, if I didn't know about the flip back to oligarchy that happened in this country back in 1980 :-(

(which I didn't understand as a 15 year old at the time, but I sure as hell get it now)