26 July 2016

Dude! What's Your Problem??

The preamble to this endeavor was recently updated, with regard to "standard" memories on Intel sanctioned motherboards. Half a terabyte is well within the budget of even SMB installations. Now, we have 2TB PCIe SSD. Get with it folks: 5NF transactional RDBMS will fit in a 1U chassis. With storage and cycles to spare.

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Roboprog said...

As an "app weenie" ( :-) ) I had to look up 5NF (& 4NF). Ow, my head hurts. I get to BCNF, and I'm pretty much done.

I enjoy your blog(s), though.

Having suffered through PC based ISAM rubbish in the 80s, I do appreciate the ACID + schema style, though. It always amazes me that developers will get so insistent about static types for code which is often just a semi-disposable "shit shoveling" exercise, then even consider using something like a schemaless database (or MySQL) for data that is going to outlive a transient batch process. Especially since you can shovel some JSON into a corner in a PostgreSQL DB (or the like) in a pinch until you can figure out how to migrate it to the schema you should have made...

Keep on preaching!