29 October 2015

Shave and A Haircut, Two Bits

These are the two bits.

1) The Community Technical Preview of SS with in-engine R connectivity has been released. Runs with the Revolution R version (fee when in general release?). Will the free-as-in-beer version of SS support either version of R in-engine? I have my doubts.
For SQL Server 2016 CTP3, we support ad-hoc execution of R scripts via a new system stored procedure. This stored procedure will support pushing data from a single SELECT statement and multiple input parameters to the R side and return a single data frame as output from the R side.

Not as comprehensive as Joe Conway's PL/R, which lets you create arbitrary functions using R. Well, nearly so at least.

2) An announcement on Planet Postgres that Tom Lane has moved cube. Most folks have no idea who Tom Lane is, and his move isn't germane to this post. The move may be more significant to the PG development community, possibly. But in the text of his new employer's announcement, is this bit:
... as well as the recent of addition of Joe Conway, another highly respected member of the PostgreSQL development community and committer to the PostgreSQL project.

Joe does lots more than PL/R, but moving to an aggresive, by the looks of it, start-up poaching widely, we may well see more robust PL/R support in Postgres. Shut up those MySql folks. Sorry Larry.

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