28 July 2015

I Remember Lazarus

In the very early stages of this endeavor were discussions of alternative memories. NAND built SSDs were just becoming available, at significant premium to HDD, but I still bought a couple of Intel (X-25, 320) and then a Crucial MX-100. The most interesting alternative, at the beginning, was Unity Semiconductor and what it called CMOx. It was eventually bought by Rambus. Rambus settled its litigation with Micron (which included patent sharing), and now Micron has a NAND alternative.

It reads much like CMOx, and is happening about when the last CEO said it would.
Asked if he had enough money to last out until 2015, Eggleston stated: "Yes, Unity has adequate backing from our funders (3 VC's, Seagate, and Micron) to move the technology forward."

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Scott R. said...

Interesting times.

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