28 July 2015

Do Not Fold, Mutilate, or Spindle

If you're old enough, you'll have seen that admonition on various cardstock documents. Some of the Watch's more ardent fanbois have been talking up the version 2 or version 3 being the replacement for the iPhone. Setting aside the issue of building a battery that small with sufficient watt-hours, does the ~1 square inch display of Watch mean some sort of smartphone can run on such a teeny display? If we take that as true, then doesn't that mean someone, I've no info as to who, will resurrect the flip-phone? Again, a phone that fits your shirt pocket (or Speedo key pocket), but when extended has the right distance ear to pie hole?

As telephone, that works. As movie watching platform, not so much. Interesting to see how this goes.

Here's a pre-emptive dismissal of the notion, with bullet points.

Not only that, but a while back news of flexible screens became known, which led me to wonder whether a full length screen flip-phone was possible?

Today, brings another speculative piece on just that.
During a Samsung IR event back in November of 2014, Chang Hoon Lee, VP of the Samsung Display Planning Team, said that the company was developing a foldable display product with a curvature radius down to 5 millimeters, and that the product would be ready by the end of 2015. Lately, there have been rumors that a Samsung smartphone with a foldable display could arrive as early as 2016.

Gimme my Razr back!!

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