17 July 2015

A Question of Balance

A few times over the course of the Euro Crisis, I've noted that, based on motive and incentive, Germany (and, to a lesser extent, France) were conducting a self-serving scam on the rest of Europe. I hadn't found specific data, but, since data is the results of actions and since actions are the results of motive and incentive; it had to be the case.

Turns out, this was an accurate thought experiment.
[source: ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained]

There are a host of other tables and graphs for your amusement. In sum: Germany wins and everybody else loses. Germany wants to be paid for its (largely) high-end widgets in hard currency, without having to be counter-weighed by currency re-valuations. And they got their way. Now the issue is how much further Germany pushes its serfs.

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