17 March 2015

Leisure Suit Larry to the Rescue

OK, so back in the mists of time there was a series of primitive PC games under the rubric of "Leisure Suit Larry". For a while, Ellison was given the name by those who found his arrogance irritating.

What that has to do with anything? It appears that Oracle (if not Larry directly) is adopting the orthogonality meme for java. Imagine that? A programming language which is built on the relational principle! Imagine that?
"What we want is a box of Lego parts, [which are] modular that we can assemble as needed," [Mark] Reinhold [chief architect for the Java platform group at Oracle] explained.

You can only do that if the bit and pieces are pair-wise orthogonal. Hehe.

The inherent problem with hierarchy: it works well on only one access path through its data, so
"[Classpath presents] a source of performance pain because it's a linear search mechanism," Reinhold said, and by going modular, classpath ultimately could be eliminated.

Beginning to sound familiar? Reminder to the young-uns: at one time MicroSoft was going to turn Windows into OS/400, that is, an operating system run on/by a relational database. It was called WinFS.
For those who may not know, Gates was referencing WinFS, or Windows Future Storage. The idea behind WinFS was to integrate some relational database technologies with the Windows File System. In its early (codename "Cairo") days, WinFS was key to Microsoft's plans to create a true, object-oriented file store.

Sounds like Larry's minions are sort of headed there, too.

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