05 February 2015

Faster Stud Muffin

Most guys have had a paramour who raised flattery to great heights. One aspect of this apple polishing is the sobriquet, Stud Muffin. Faster, stud muffin, faster!!

I've not spent time with Sql Server in a while, being on linux exclusively. On the other hand, I've kept an eye on Hekaton news as it passes by. simple-talk has a new discussion, with this delightful bon mot:
To date, Microsoft is stating that organizations testing In-Memory OLTP have seen transaction speeds improve by up to 30 times compared to past performance, with the best performance gains achieved when the business logic resides in the database and not in the applications.
[my emphasis]

Take that, javascripters!!! You're no stud muffins.

Note the first comment, of course, for a somewhat dissenting view. Note also that different engines use different caching mechanisms, so the simple notion of "more memory than disk footprint" will mean a sorta, kinda in-memory database won't necessarily work.

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