07 October 2014

I Want My Gumby Phone

A few times I've mused that the phablet sized phones' days were numbered, and that flip phones (with flexible displays and/or hinges) would come back. Well, I'm no longer the only one.
Over the next couple of years, a lot will change. OLEDs, which are being sold as televisions by LG, can be made to conform to shapes. You can see the beginnings of the implications of that in Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge phablet. Thanks to new technology from companies like Kateeva, it's going to get even easier to make those flexible displays very soon. The implications are critical on two fronts (1) displays that bend, flex, fold and expand will become possible (2) screens that are nearly unbreakable will become commonplace.

I hereby claim the trademark and copyright on The Gumby Phone. Should have done that in the first place.

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