16 January 2014

Protect the Children: End Graphic Violence

In the beginning was Bachman
He looked upon the Firmament of Data, and saw Chaos
And lo unto Him, he created IDS, which begat IDMS
These holies were as the spider's Web, one scion goeth to all kith and kin
And they to the scion, each to many, as the tendrils of the spider
It was good

Thence came the Business Machine of all nations, and lo, it would not pay tribute to Bachman
The Machine pruned the spider's web, each from one and only one, which was called IMS
Lo, the Machine was prideful, having banished the spider's web from its machines
It was good for the Business Machine of all nations

Darkly, a spawn in the Business Machine looked upon this new firmament of data and saw tyranny
He preached of relations and their power to erect any monument, whether like the spider or the serpent
No longer shackled to the rack of pointers and hard links, the people were free expand their data as need be
This prophet was called Codd, lo many spake of him as God, yet many in the Business Machine were fearful of him
Mighty lords of the Business Machine took heed of this fear and consecrated the Chamberpot to write the text
Only when the Oracle child did propagate boldly would the Business Machine acknowledge its patrimony

So went the years, for many of those years, when the apostate youth, innumerate as wide as the heavens, looked blindly at themselves
We do not understand the Set and our relations are carnal, verily we must have a data supine before our code
Ye, they consorted with satanic harlots, producing an evil spawn which they called Graph, which was only Bachman in sack cloth

And so, the great ouroboros has deceived the youth, who must wait for the second coming of the Codd
May they not bow before a false Codd as lo they have done for these many years

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