10 December 2013

Unite Us All

Perhaps another shoe has dropped. Rambus and Micron have signed a deal.

Here's an excerpt:
and (ii) a seven year term patent license to other memory and semiconductor products.

It was just about two years ago that Rambus bought Unity Semiconductor, whose only significant asset was CMOx memory, a non-volatile type which is (said to be) more robust than NAND/NOR. Unity and Micron had agreements at the time. Not much out of Rambus in the intervening time. Looks like the effort isn't for naught. If CMOx does work as advertised, life could be quite different. Lots more coders will learn to use mmap(). And the distinction between in-memory and persistent data gets lots fuzzier.

Enough to add a buck and a half to Rambus share pre-market. A bit less now.

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