03 December 2013

A Baker's Dozen

The original MarkLogic implementation called for one server and one backup. Bad idea, but these are xml Kiddies. Now we have the White House self-report on progress to normalcy.

Note page 5, where the slide shows 12, count 'em 12, dedicated servers. And sundry other hardware. Ain't bloated flatfiles so much fun? Of course, we (at least, I) have yet to see a report of who, by name and rank, insisted on MarkLogic. My guess is it won't be a political payoff (much as certain segments of the political spectrum wish it to be so), but rather a Supergrade who's been in love with HL7 and other diagnostic data processing aspects of health care. I have mentioned that I spent some years writing (Progress based) a pre-qual database appication? HL7 was even then much loved. Bah. It's a fact that MarkLogic turned to health care when the first few avenues for peddling that scurvy xml "database" bore no fruit. Mixing metaphors, I know, but the colossal incompetence of this pisses me off. The Right Wing has been served up a watermelon pitch by a bunch of knuckleheads. Be rich or die. Yeah, we're so much more civilized now than 100 years ago.

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