08 October 2013

What's the German for "Get Stuffed"?

Putting together "Toxic Shock", the Mercedes-Benz ploy slipped my mind. For those who haven't heard: M-B is going down-market (for them) with a model called the CLA. Cheap, but not inexpensive, it turns out.
Apart from whether it's a full-blooded Mercedes, points to consider are whether it's a good car: pleasant overall, satisfying to drive, practical to use, handy to operate. It does not pass those tests.

Will Apple be any more successful? In the medium to long term, of course. Or will Apple do the Rolex thing (forced obsolescence), or the MicroSoft thing (ride out the string)?


Baxter said...

"Hau ab!" or (ruder) "Verpiss dich!" will usually do the trick

Robert Young said...

And to further extend the business metaphor, it was announced today that Apple is hiring a Burberry marketer to take over their marketing. Settling into a dotage of small, high end market.