29 August 2013

The In Crowd

"I'm In with the In Crowd"
- Dobie Gray (the first to cut it, but who's he?)
- Ramsey Lewis (a bit Herb Alpert)
- Petula Clark (the first version I heard)
- Mamas and Papas (totally forgot they cut it)
- Brian Ferry (didn't know about)
- Alvin and the Chipmunks (eeeeeeeeeeeewwwww!!)

All by way of introducing the latest to cut a version:
Larry Ellison!!! Yea, the crowd goes wild!! He's got rhythm!! Twerking Ginny Rometty up on stage!!

While my beloved Organic Normal Form™ on multi-processor/SSD meme has yet to go viral, Larry and his frenemies continue to look for speed. In odd places. DRAM is staying cheap, but it's never going to be supportive of really big datastores (unless/until we get 128 bit processing). So what's up with the latest, soon to be announced, in-memory from Larry?

Following one of the links, reminds of something I noted when Larry bought Sun: he did it to steal IBM's mainframe business, a place Oracle hasn't had a lot of success; not for java or MySql (both of which he's managed to mangle, badly).
"Oracle thinks that by controlling the total stack--applications, database, middleware, down to the silicon itself--it gives them advantages they can't get by using commodity products like x86," [Nathan Brookwood, principal analyst at Insight 64] said.

Larry wants to party like it's 1979, and he's living in Armonk.

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