25 July 2013

Oh Rickyyyyy!

Rick Perry, juvenile IQ governor of Texas has been out company hunting in all those Blue States. He's been especially active here in New England the last few weeks. The weekly report from BLS on unemployment generally only gets a headline number. But there's more data on offer. In particular, the list and comments (from the state UI agency) of those states with more or fewer than 1,000 change.

Here's the irony of it all:

MI -11,969 Fewer layoffs in the manufacturing industries.

TX +6,001 No comment.

Yee Haa!! Of course, one week isn't the be all and end all; on the other hand, there's been plenty of reporting recently that the Texas Miracle (or whatever they're calling it) is based nearly entirely on hamburger flipping jobs. As the Keynesians know, a "job" isn't a homogeneous unit. Not even water is.

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