10 November 2012

For Your Listening Pleasure

Regular Reader is well aware by now that I've less than sanguine view of Kiddie Koders. Too many. Doing the wrong thing. And such.

Revolution Analytics runs webinars, which this week is a presentation from Deere. I was expecting a commercial for Revolution's closed source R implementation, but it isn't. What it is, is a surprisingly sober discussion of stats, analytics, and forecasting. There's no R code discussed directly, rather Derek Hoffman discusses the use of R results in Deere. He has a, in my view, jaundiced take on data science/analytics hype, which runs through his discussion and the Q&A at the end (some pointed remarks about Wall Street quants that could just as easily have been read here). You should run the slide show first; the YouTube video is way too fuzzy to be legible.

A by the way: Deere is a DB2 shop (with other less worthy databases). He doesn't say whether it's z/OS DB2, but I suspect it is.

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