19 September 2012

Another Brick in The Wall

We don't need no education...

The Left Wing, and a bit of the Right Wing (sort of), are playing the education tune as the panacea to the "middle class is dead" problem. Alas, it can't work. The flawed assumption is that our (global) economy can absorb millions of folks doing well paid middle class work. The issue is the same as the robot ruminations of late: high value work is high value just because it's highly leveraged. That doesn't necessarily mean guild-like restrictions, but more fundamentally input-output; no matter the price, there just isn't the need for millions of middle class workers. Here's a quote about the iPhone folks:
Apple sent the entire 16-member design team to the award presentation and the entourage followed Ive on stage to receive the award.

So, to be clear, Apple moves 2 million 5s in 24 hours. 16 people created that device. Now, that's LEVERAGE. And it means that education isn't the solution.

It's the Distribution, Stupid!

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