23 August 2012

Rocky 99

It sure seems like there've been 98 of the darn things. So, on to 99. With ggmap. "What's that?" I hear from the cheap seats. Welllll.

Last month, ggmap was released. The author's web site is here and his presentation is here. Since I'm still on the fence about Triage/mapping for the Philly Folks, ggmap would surely be the vehicle. By all accounts it makes map generation with ggplot2 easier than previously.

The presentation is quite neat. Not only that, but he does compare logic the way I've always preferred:
-95.39681 <= lon & lon <= -95.34188 & 29.73631 <= lat & lat <= 29.78400 That is, left to right (in)equality as the number line. I always get irritated when folks do: x > 5 and the like. No, it ain't.

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