07 March 2012

Piggies, Again

It was just a few short days ago that I re-iterated my prediction that BI/DW would soon succumb to the multi-core/SSD/RDBMS machine. Little did I fathom that it would only be a few short days.

This PR from Fusion-io describes one such implementation. Now, SQL Server is one of my favorite databases, though, since it runs only on Windows, not one I use all that much right now.

Here's the money quote:
"The Fusion ioDrives allowed us to forego the data warehouse entirely, and implement real-time analysis on our primary online transaction processing system," said Thomas Pullen, BetOnSoft Database Administrator.

Boy howdy! It's been figured out. While the piece doesn't describe the normal-ness of the database, I'll see if they'll tell me. Look for an update in the next few days.

Praise Codd!

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