09 February 2012

R We to Delphi Yet?

Well, thanks to R-bloggers, I found this Oracle page/blog.

The money quote:
"Oracle R Enterprise lifts this memory and computational constraint found in R today by executing requested R calculations on data in the database, using the database itself as the computational engine."

Tres interessant. Now, that sounds like they're saying this will be PL/R for Oracle. Not that I'm in the market for Oracle Enterprise, of course. If they make it available for the free as in beer version of Oracle; that I'd be interested in. (Miss Morris would be so bent by my ending a sentence a preposition with.)


Rodrigo E. De León Plicet said...


The link is wrong.

I believe it was: http://blogs.oracle.com/R/entry/what_is_r

Robert Young said...

Oops. Leftover from a different post.

Fixed. Thanks.