03 October 2011

Deja Vu, Yet Again

My (single?) long time reader may recall that I concluded that the Oracle buy of Sun wasn't about java or Solaris or any software. It was about stealing the one segment of computing Larry didn't own: the mainframe, the IBM mainframe. I was initially alone, so far as I could see, although in the months following, I would read an occasional story tending toward the hardware motivation. If memory serves, some Mainstream Pundits explicitly stated that hardware was dead in the new Oracle.

Time to feast on some baked bird, crow specifically. Here's the latest from Oracle.

"'We want to take IBM on in their strongest suit, which is the microprocessor,' said Ellison."

Oracle may, or may not, be able to pull it off. Given that IBM's DB2, off mainframe at least, is adopting (well, it depends on who's defining that word) MVCC semantics, one could conclude that Oracle has gotten the mindshare part of the problem solved.

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