12 July 2010

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Part 4

Getting Postgres up and running was a bit tiresome, but I've now got the figure 675 results for the SSD database. I don't have results for HDD simply because Postgres doesn't have the straightforward capability to specify storage by database the way DB2 does. There are advantages to a true industrial strength database.

with the where: .005
no where: .002

The magnitude difference is in the same ballpark as DB2.

I've got Oracle 10g up and running, and am considering testing that too, although it should work about the same as Postgres, since both are MVCC, as opposed to DB2, a locker.

Coincidentally, Phil Factor of simple-talk fame, has a posting today displaying code generation, DBA variety, for SQL Server. Which brings up, again, the use of code generation with BCNF databases. The earliest I recall seeing in the java world was middlegen (now moribund, alas), while the most current I paid attention to was Firestorm. It will be instructive to see whether those in the code generation world realize that SSD/BCNF storage is their saviour.

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