11 September 2009

Larry Finally Speaks, and.... I'm Right

For all of you out there who've been saying that Larry wants Sun for java or Solaris or MySql, here's what he said yesterday in the Wall Street Journal:

We're in it to win it.
IBM, we're looking forward to competing
with you in the hardware business.
Larry Ellison

How dare you all doubting me. I've been doing this for a long time. He wants to kill Armonk's mainframe business. He always has. (See 28 August for the most recent discussion.)

Update (15 September):

OK, so today Oracle/Sun announced the new Oracle Database Machine. Oracle had previously been building the Exadata machine on HP hardware. No longer. Of particular interest to the readers of this endeavor is this:

The Sun Oracle Database Machine also includes Sun's new FlashFire technology to cache 'hot' data for dramatically improved transaction response times and throughput.

So, what is FlashFire? According to Sun, it's their implementation of SSD flash cache and system software for same.

From the PR:

You get ten times faster I/O response time and use ten times fewer disks for business applications from Oracle as well as third-party providers.

Larry's not interested in hardware. Nope. Armonk, you've got a problem.

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