19 September 2009

Color Me Sad

Were I a real reporter, I might have been there for the announcement, but alas no. Turns out that FlashFire is not a SSD array. This is Larry (ComputerWorld is where I found this quote, for whatever reason not in their PR):

"We have a huge, fast flash cache built into our storage servers," Ellison said. "These are not flash disks -- make no mistake, these are not flash disks. This is a smart memory hierarchy made up of DRAM in our database servers and flash in our storage servers, with very sophisticated algorithms. This is a very smart memory hierarchy where the Oracle software manages that memory extremely efficiently, much faster than flash disk."

So, it seems that FlashFire is not a flash disk subsystem. Oh well.


I knew I had read that FlashFire was specific to SSD implementation; I know Professor, I should keep better notes. But Burleson is one of the veterans of SSD for databases; Oracle in his case. I'll be adding a few Good Stuff links, and his main site will be one of them. So, here's his take on FlashFire (which also conflicts with what Larry said).

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